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Bowl of ‘Zole: Celebrating the Spirit of Agave

Listen to a spirited episode on Bowl of ‘Zole that recently aired on Beer Sessions Radio from Heritage Radio Network! Jimmy is one-on-one with Arik Greenleaf Torren, AKA the Cater Waiter-turned-Hospitality Maestro, for a chat about mezcal, bartending, and having a good cocktail.

Listen in to this deep dive on Arik’s journey through the hospitality industry as he recalls the experiences that brought him to Jimmy, and how they helped get Bowl of ‘Zole off the ground. Plus, get a crash course on Mexico’s history with the agave plant, known for its complex flavor compounds, and how they make for a fine spirit.

This festival was crafted by mezcal aficionados and Mexican chefs. This ever-expanding phenomenon is a celebration of pozole and agave spirits, and will be coming to Denver and Boston soon! Grab tickets and get all the details on the chefs, mezcals, and events in our press section of

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