2020 Recap – Bowl of ‘Zole

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Bowl of Zole 2020: Recap

The first ever Bowl of ‘Zole was a big success thanks to the incredible chefs, distinctive spirits, and enthusiastic guests. Our event curators are thrilled to have shined the spotlight on some of the best flavors Mexico has to offer – pozole and mezcal! Event recap below.

10 Pozoles and 100 Mezcals


For far too long pozole has been relegated to the back corner of the menu behind the tacos, ceviches, and guacamole. With this event, we honored this great Mexican stew that warms the heart and soul. 

Chefs and Dishes Included:

Ivy Stark,Casa Bocado
Pozole Rojo with Braised Beef Short Ribs

Danny Mena, La Loncheria
Vegetarian Pozole Verde from Guerrero, spiced with pumpkin seed & chile serrano

Gonzalo Rivera, La Esquina
Vuelve a la Vida Pozole: Maine lobster, clams, mussels, organic hominy, fennel, toasted sesame & Chile de árbol oil, smoky hoja santa broth.

Julian Medina, Toloache
Pozole Verde: Heirloom hominy, green curry-coconut milk broth, thai basil, lemongrass salsa macha, bean sprouts.

Julian Medina, La Chula
Pozole Ramen: Pork-Chile guajillo broth, hominy, cabbage, scallions, radishes & pico de gallo.

Hugo Orozco, Las Santas
Oyster Pozole: Colima style pozole seco, blue point oysters, oregano, Chile de árbol mignonette & ibérico crumbs.

Luis Arce Mota, La Contenta
Pozole Rojo con cabeza de puerco, Sinaloa style

Chai Trivedi, Kitsch, Indigo Williamsburg
Mazto Ball Pozole

Fernando Nevas, Balvanera
Pozole Rojo with radishes, avocado and fresh oregano

Ivan Garcia, Mesa Coyoacan
Pozole Garibaldi: Shredded Pork, hominy corn, chiles, guajillo broth, lettuce, radish, oregano and tostada. 

Cosme Aguilar, Casa Enrique
Pozole Rojo Hominy pig’s head soup, oregano, radish, onion, lettuce, and avocado.

Fany Gerson, La Newyorkina
Paletas: Strawberry Lemonade, Spicy Mango, Berry and More. 


Bringing together top importers, this event feature 100 distinct bottles of mezcal. Guests got to know this flavorful and smoky agave spirit, distilled using in-ground fire pits. 

Brands Include:

Del Maguey

Mezcal Ilegal

Tequila Fortaleza

Mezcal Wahaka

Mezcal El Buho

Mezcal Los Vecinos

Mezcal El Silencio

Skurnik Wines and Spirits

Mezcal Mayalen

Mezcal Siete Misterios

Priess Imports: Mezcal Espiritu Lauro and Sotol Coyote

Mezcal Montelobos: Mezcal Montelobos and Ancho Reyes

Back Roads Imports: Mezcal Bañuelos, Raicilla Bonete, Bacanora Yawee

Sampson and Surrey: Mezcal Vago and Tequila Ocho

Haas Brothers: Mezcal Don Amado, Mezcal Mina Real, Tequila Arte Nom

Mezcales de Leyenda: Mezcales de Leyenda, Mezcal Peleton de la Muerte, Sotol Fabriquero

Fidencio Mezcal: Mezcal Fidencio, Mezcal Derrumbes, Raicilla La Venenosa, Bacanora Rancho Tepua and Sotol La Hiuera

Sombra: Mezcal Sombra and Tequila Astra

Laika Spirits: Sotol Flor Desierto, Mezcal Cruz del Fuego

Plus Craft Beer and Wine

VOS Selections – Baja Wine

Monte Xanic

Micheladas by Just Add Beer

Allende Beer

Bowl of ‘Zole is Proud to Partner with City Harvest

Part of this event’s proceeds and food went to City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization. City Harvest will rescue 66 million pounds of food a year and deliver it free of charge to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens and other partners, helps to feed the nearly 1.2 million people. Learn more

About Event Curators Arik Torren & Danny Mena 

Arik Torren
After 20 years of front of the house experience in the restaurant business, Arik launched his own mezcal brand Fidencio Mezcal in 2009. Now in 2020, his portfolio, Fidencio Sprits offers Traditional Mexican Spirits made by 19 Maestros, from 24 species and 10 states…and counting. 

Danny Mena
Mexico City-born Danny Mena began at New York landmarks Blue Hill and The Modern before opening Hecho en Dumbo in 2010 and La Lonchería in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood in 2017.
In his new book, Danny Mena mixes recipes inspired by Mexico City street food, local eateries, and multi-starred restaurants, combining regional traditions and global trends. Each recipe is inspired by a different Mexico City restaurant, and in more than 100 dishes, Danny Mena shows American home cooks the depth and diversity of true Mexican cooking in the capital city

PRESS – Bowl of ‘Zole

The New York Times: “A new food festival on Saturday will feature 100 mezcals to sample, along with pozoles from the chefs Ivy Stark, Danny Mena, Gonzalo Rivera, Julian Medina, Hugo Orozco, Luis Arce Mota, Chai Trivedi, Fernando Navas, Ivan Garcia, Cosme Aguilar and Fany Gerson. Red pozole, matzo ball pozole, oyster pozole and pozole ramen are a few of the bowls that will be served. It’s engineered by Jimmy Carbone of Food Karma with Arik Torren, an owner of Fidencio Spirits, and Mr. Mena.”

Timeout: “New York gains Bowl of ‘Zole festival on February 29th. The event in Williamsburg will have pozole and mezcal to try and is curated, in part, by Mena, with chefs Gerson, Ivy Stark (Casa Bocado and Time Out Market New York vendor), Cosme Aguilar (Casa Enrique) and more.”

Grub Street: 10 Excellent Things To Eat, Drink, and Do in NYC This Februray: 1. Go to a festival that’s all about pozole and mezcal. Pozole is one of of Mexico’s favorite dishes, a pork and hominy soup that inspires obsession and longing. The New York chefs Danny Mena and Fany Gerson are so obsessed they recently launched the pozole pop-up La Pozoleria, and now Mena is doing one better: He’s curating the first Bowl of ’Zole in Williamsburg, a February 29 festival dedicated entirely to pozole and, for good measure, mezcal.”

Gothamist: Best Things to Do in NYC This Week: Warm yourself up at Bowl of ‘Zole, a feast of Mexican comfort food and drinks. The star of the day is pozole, a hearty stew made with hominy, greens, and a variety of meats (with vegetarian options too, of course), prepared by 10 different chefs including Casa Enrique’s Cosme Aguilar, Toloache and La Chula’s Julian Medina, La Loncheria’s Danny Mena, and Casa Bocado’s Ivy Stark. To wash it down, there will be 50 different smoky mezcals, an ancient beverage traditionally distilled in in-ground fire pits.

Bklyner: Celebrate Pozole at Bowl of ‘Zole Festival this Saturday in Williamsburg: Chef Danny Mena and Arik Torren, both veterans of the New York City mezcal and restaurant scenes, wanted to create an event that elevated mezcal and pozole, both of which tangibly represent the regional diversity of Mexico’s cuisine. They called up Jimmy Carbone, a seasoned event producer, to help bring it to fruition. 

Brooklyn Paper: ‘Zole Models: Festival Celebrates a Meaty Mexican Stew: “There are a million ramen joints in the city, why not pozole?” asked chef Danny Mena, who runs the pop-up restaurant La Pozolería in Manhattan. “It’s d— delicious!”

Beer Sessions Radio

Episode 520: Tastes from Mexico: Mezcal and Pozole
In honor of the upcoming Bowl of ‘Zole Festival, Jimmy talks about the festival’s featured food and drink: pozole and mezcal. He is joined by one of Bowl of ‘Zole’s curators, Arik Torren of Fidencio Spirits, in addition to Leslie Vinyard of Roberta’s Pizza and Chris Crowley of Grub Street. Arik draws on his experience importing spirits as the group talks about the traditional process of making mezcal and how increased demand has affected farmers in Oaxaca. They also discuss their favorite places to get pozole in New York and compare mezcal with natural wine.

Connecting Regional Agriculture, Food, and Tastes
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